To work with me is to have fun. I love finding special locations, seeing your favourite spots outdoors or at home, making any small corner into a unique studio.
I work with natural light and lighting, which means I prefer morning and evening sessions when the light is magical. And also light cloudy days are super, compared to the harsh sunlight at noon.

For me it’s really important that you are relaxed and enjoying yourselves, not being so self- conscious, and so I help out with posing and looks, and I talk and joke a lot while working, which makes everybody relax.

It’s also nice to find clothes in your own wardrobe that brings out the best in you, and that makes everybody in the photos go well together. I recommend light soft colours and no patterns, for your features and personality to show and not get distracted by details.

Let’s Have A Fun Session And Make A Unique Memory Together !

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